Pomona Golf Course


Pomona Golf Course traces its roots in South Jersey’s history. The tract of land where the course is located today was originally owned by an African American entrepreneur Sara Spencer Washington. It was in the late 30’s when Madame Washington established the Apex Rest and Apex Farm. Then, in the late 40’s, she opened Apex Golf Course to persons of all races and economic status. In 1953, the course was renamed Sandale Country Club when it was sold after the passing of Madame Washington.

Vernon and Regina Truitt purchased the course in 1970 and improved the course by planting more than 200 trees, refurbishing the clubhouse and rebuilding each tee box and green. After the upgrade, Pomona Golf Course opened. Following the couple’s passing, the course is continued to be managed by the family’s next generation. The couple’s daughters, Andi Truitt and Pam Grenda, along with nephew Bruce Ritchie currently operate the course.

The 9-hole private course is open to the public of all ages and level. Golfers can play at the par 34 course with 2,426 yardage. Players’ skills will be tested with each hole’s layout in Jersey Shore’s diverse topography.

The Press of Atlantic City acknowledged Pomona Golf Course as “A Diamond in the Rough” as it provides an exceptional experience to any golfers. The owners treat every player with the best personal service giving the players a feeling that they belong with the family. Their dedication in maintaining the course and improving the service comes from the passion and commitment they give to provide an enjoyable and memorable game for all golf enthusiasts.