North/South Sand Barrens Golf Club


Being the toughest of the other two nine holes of Sand Barrens Golf Club, golfers who wants to play the North/South Nine will never forget to include in their list the tough secrets to win its holes. Apart from being accurate, hitting straight is the best option to win the par-4 hole No. 3. This hole features a narrow fairway and with trees heavily lined on both sides. Guarding the manicured greens are the three large bunkers.

The hole no. 4 is the smallest compared to the rest of the course. However, its complex design will boggle a golfers’ mind which will let them think of the perfect strategy to win the hole. This short dogleg right par-4 is another narrow fairway. Located in the crook of the dogleg is a small bunker while trees are found at the right while a long waste area is set on the left. The best strategy to win this hole is a slight fade off the tees making sure that it will not go very far right.

You may not remember these entire information overload but ignoring the next techniques to win the holes will give any golfer a little of frustration. Being aware of the demands of the long par-4 hole no.7 is not enough. The hole has a split fairway where the right center of the fairway will provide the best angle to a green. Golfers must take note that a good second shot over sand and brush is necessary as well as a fairly strong tee shot. The open green in front allows the golfers to bounce up the hole but the waste areas and bunkers are visible behind the green as well as the right side.

North/South Sand Barrens Golf Club ends its nine with a par 3 requiring a carry over a pond to a green.