Wind Farm Tours


The wind farm in Atlantic County Utilities Authority is the world’s largest hybrid solar and wind powered wastewater treatment facility and the first urban and coastal wind farm in the United States. Located at Absecon Blvd., Atlantic City guests can come in the facility during summer for a free tour.

The 380-foot tall turbines, about the height of a 32-story building, created another picture of the skyline in Atlantic City. The 120-foot long blade of the turbines turns from 10 to 20 revolutions a minute which spins up to 180 mph for a maximum wind speeds. There are only five turbines created as the blocking of the wind affects the efficiency of larger number of turbines. The only lights of the turbines are the navigation lights which serve as guide for aircraft as other lights may attract insects and birds which may affect in the operation of the turbine.

Each wind turbines produces 1.5 megawatts of electricity and the accumulated energy of the five turbines is enough for 2,500 homes every year. The overall energy is approximately equal to 24,000 barrels of crude which the city saves each year.

Guests may hear the “whoosh” sound of the turbine when the air is moist but turbines are mostly silent. The turbines are only allowed for viewing outside and prohibited to climb the winding staircases inside. Tour guides are present in the tour educating the visitors about the turbines as well as the wastewater treatment facility.

Don’t forget to choose from the freebies before leaving the facility.