Water Show at the end of The Pier Shops


The Water Show, popularly known as The Show, is a Bellagio-style light and sound show entertaining the visitors of The Pier Shops mall. This largest indoor fountain matrix in the world is worth seven million dollars, but visitors can enjoy it without spending a dime. It is made of 150 fountain nozzles that are individually controlled, 179 LEDs, a reflecting pool of 19,000 gallons, and intelligent lighting fixtures. Shoppers of The Pier Shops can view the 360-degree fountain from all three floors of the shop.

The illuminating water effects of The Show offers two distinct shows. One version is during the daytime and the other happens in the evening. The daytime show brings the visitors to a journey of music through a dance history while at night visitors can watch a more sensual show accompanied with the jazz music “Fever.” Each version lasts for six minutes complete with color changes, water sprays and music fit for the choreographed fountain.

The show operates following the schedule of The Pier Shops, and serves as a complimentary to the public. The Pier Shops opening and closing schedule varies every season but the show runs every hour on the hour.

If you forgot your wallet and you are in Atlantic City, The Water Show is the best place to spend your valuable time.