Rolling Chair Ride


Staple, treasure and a historical ride are among the best words to describe the Rolling Chair Ride of the Atlantic City Boardwalk. This mode of transportation had celebrated its 125 years since it started in June 11, 1887. Its first introduction is in the 1876 convention and was rented in 1887 by William Hayday, an Atlantic City businessman.

Wheelchair is its inspiration and primarily giving service for the handicapped persons. As other individuals acted like they need the chair, it has then evolved to provide even the physically-abled persons. Vacationers who have been fashionable “Doing AC” style had also evolved as fashion changes every decade. The Rolling Chair Ride became their favorite transportation while enjoying their stay at the Boardwalk.

The Rolling Chair Ride is more likely to resemble a carriage ride but instead of horses pulling the chair a friendly attendant will push it along the stretch of Boardwalk. The wicker chair has wheels on it and a canopy. The sides are open during a good weather but during the rainy days it is covered with plastic enclosures. The Rolling Chairs can access 11 of the 14 casino in the stretch which will lessen the amount of the travel time. Lessen does not mean that you can tell your attendants to accelerate like a car as it is made primarily for relaxation and even for special events like romantic occasions.

If you’re with a special someone, especially on summer, take this two-seater ride and feel both romance and history.