Historic Cold Spring Village


The “age of homespun,” in the mid-eighteen to mid-nineteen century, has long gone with its people and culture. Historic Cold Spring Village brings the past centuries to this day through educational yet interactive hands-on family activities. There are 26 historic buildings to be visited in the village where guests will be accompanied with historically-educated guides wearing period clothing. Guests will learn the period’s crafts, trades, lifestyles and even issues arose those years.

The 26 restored buildings include Welcome Center, Marshallville School, Marshallville School Outhouse, Village Print Shop, Woodworking Shop, Pottery Shop, The Willis Barn, Spicer-Leaming House, Dennisville Inn, Wool-Spinning and Fiber Arts, Bakery, Village Farm, Blacksmith Shop, Tinsmith, Bookbindery, Octagonal House, Basketmaking, Village Gazebo, May Point Jail, Rio Grande Railroad Station, Woodbine Train Tower, Coxe Hall Cottage, Ice Cream Parlor and Village Country Store.

Activity area are available for children to learn different crafts such as making a handkerchief doll, corn husk doll and building a kite. The handkerchief doll is traditionally known as the prayer doll and later on became bigger such as the pioneer doll and pillow case doll. Today, various materials are used for the dolls including plastics, rubbers and porcelains. Corn husk dolls were first made by the Indians and fashioned into male and female as well as children. The faces were painted making the characters more alive. Children will definitely enjoy this activity as they can create clothes for the character they were imagining. Building a kite may not be easy but the Historic Cold Spring Village provides a step-by-step guide to create one. Adults can also avail the adult education consisting of the Needle Arts Coop Classes where they can learn sewing, knitting and basket making.

Guests can also bring home the crafts by buying the works of the artisans at the Village Country Store. Pottery such as mugs, bowls and containers are also available. Ironware such as broom-holders, horseshoes and hooks and brooms including witch’s brooms and whisk brooms are among the other crafts in the store. Homemade jellies and jams for a sweet pleasure is also offered at the country store.

Historic Cold Spring Village is located at Cape May, New Jersey.