Central Pier


The family entertainment center Central Pier Arcade and Speedway offers all ages the fun and excitement with great prizes.

Guests can choose different arcade games such as treasure chest game where they grab a plushie using a mechanical claw. Sports enthusiasts will also enjoy free throw with the basketball game and they will be tested in the skeeball machine as they started to roll the ball. Getting the tickets in exchange through these games are exhausting. But if they want that easiest way, they can just buy tokens and insert it in a ticket dispensing machine.

Paintball has a different version where plushies are the game targets using mounted guns. Slot machines and poker machines are also open for playing. Guests must collect and keep their tickets in exchange for the prizes, at the redemption booth, including designer purses, plush animals, large screen TVs, iPhones, iPads, music and game electronics, laptop computers, GPS system and many more.

Guests looking more than the sweat it gain from playing basketball can try the largest race tracks in Atlantic City. The NASCAR-style go karts ride lasts for almost five minutes in a simple race track. The cars are designed with fun logos which are appealing to the eyes.

Bring your family and enjoy each game and win the prizes at stake.