Atlantic City Aquarium


Atlantic City Aquarium welcomes its guests to have a close-up look in the world of sea creatures which are separated by tanks according to species. The exhibits include the Baby Stingray Touch Tank, Exotic Animal Show, Fish of the Mid-Atlantic Ocean and Live Diver Feeding Show.

The Baby Stingray Touch Tank is an interactive tank where guests can touch the juvenile rays such as the Bat Rays and Cownose. Guests are also given a chance to feed the rays during the special feeding times. The exotic animal show is a waterless exhibit showcasing variety of animals for a twenty minute presentation.

The animals include a Tarantula, a Bearded Dragon Lizard, a 6-foot Boa and many more. Guests will be educated by the handlers as they discuss the native background of the animals. Fish of the Mid-Atlantic Ocean is a 25,000 gallon exhibit comprises of sea creatures living off of New Jersey as well as the Mid-Atlantic Region. The Loggerhead Sea Turtle is found in this exhibit which is listed as “Threatened” and “Endangered.” Guests will also enjoy in this tank the Live Diver Feeding Show where diver answers the questions of visitors.

Other exhibits include Clownfish and Anemones, Diamondback Terrapin Territory and Live Coral. Clownfish and anemones tank is a representation of the symbiotic relationship that happens under the sea. Anemones are known for paralyzing organisms that come in contact to its tentacles. However, clownfish is one species that has immunity in the sting of the anemone. In order for the clownfish to receive protection, it supplies the anemone the food it needs.

Diamondback Terrapin Territory uses brackish water which is a mixture of salt water and fresh water. The tank is now one of the safest territories for the turtles that once became endangered due to unregulated harvesting for the purpose of serving it as a gourmet food. The Live Coral consists of combination of soft and stony corals which are Indo-Pacific and Caribbean natives. The corals are contained in a 1,000 gallon exhibit.

Also included in the exhibits are the Mid-Atlantic Coastal Zone, Moon Jellies, Moray Eels, Mullica River Tank, Ocean Oddities, Piranha, Seahorses and Tropical Rainforest. Another feature is the interactive exhibit illustrating the challenges of sailing entritled, The Art of Sailing. Meetings, birthday parties and other special events are accommodated in the Atlantic City Aquarium.

Visit the Atlantic City Aquarium at Historic Gardner’s Basin and enjoy the tour.